Permanent Stallholder Info


Blacktown Markets will only cancel the market on the rare occasion of heavy rain/wind at 5:00am Heavy rain/wind is a safety concern for our stallholders and visitors.

Please check our social media pages for updates.

In all other circumstances the market will be going ahead as per usual.

We will be going ahead in conditions such as:

  • Light rain/wind on the day
  • Heavy rain/wind the day/night before
  • Predicted heavy rain/wind on the day but no occurrence of it

Any credits or rain checks offered to stallholders can not be redeemed for cash.


If the market is forced to cancel before 8:00am, all stallholders are offered full rain checks.

If the market is forced to cancel between 8:00am and 9:00am, all stallholders are offered half price rain checks.

The market will only be cancelled at the discretion of management. If individual stallholders choose to pack up and leave while the market is still operating they will not be offered a rain check.

Any ‘no shows’ on the day will not be offered a rain check.


  • Entry from 04:00am-06:15am. – Sundays – Blacktown Drive In
    Entry from 6:30am-7:30am – Thursdays – Emerton Shopping Centre

    Please note: Permanent stallholders are only guaranteed a space in the market if they arrive before 06:15am.

  • All stallholders may exit from 12:00pm only if it is safe to do so. Please seek the advice and assistance from Blacktown Markets staff if you wish to pack up early.
  • The market officially closes at 2pm unless otherwise stated.


  • During Permanent Stallholder Entry Times

    Vehicles unloading stock for permanent stallholders are welcome to enter during permanent stallholder entry for $5 per person.

    After unloading, vehicles can either be parked in the stallholder car park, which is located under the drive-in screen, straight ahead as you enter the site, or exit the site.

  • During Trading Hours

    Vehicles can not enter the marketplace during trading hours

    There are trolleys available for the transportation of goods to and from the marketplace for heavy items.


  • Table Hire: $5 hire fee + $5 deposit
  • 2.4m x 2.4m Marquee Hire: $10.00 hire fee + $10.00 deposit
  • Single Clothes Rack Hire: $7.50 hire fee + $7.50 deposit

  • Double Clothes Rack Hire: $10 hire fee + $10 deposit
  • All deposits will be reimbursed in cash upon the return of the equipment hired
  • Stallholders are permitted to use their own equipment if they wish
  • Equipment can be found in the market office for pick up on the day.

    Trolleys are available to transport the equipment to and from your stall.

    Equipment is not set up prior to the market, as any pre-set up equipment would obstruct stallholders vehicles.


If a permanent stallholder is away on any particular date, for any reason, they are required to pay a $10 permanent stallholder holding fee, in order to avoid having their permanent stallholder status cancelled.

An alternative to not having to attend every week in order to keep your permanent stallholder position, is to book in as a casual stallholder whenever you wish.


1. The sale of items from our list of prohibited items is not permitted

2. The dumping of unsold goods is not permitted

3. Exiting the market is only permitted after 12.00pm if it is safe enough to do so, at the discretion of market staff. Otherwise, stallholders are required to stay in their position until a clear and safe passageway emerges.

4. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure their marquee and/or any other temporary structures are safety secured at the front and back.

5. All stallholders are required to allow a minimum 1.5m walkway between stalls.

6. You enter our carpark and marketplace at your own risk

7. We are not liable for you or any person with you for:

A. Injury to you or anyone else

B. Damage to or theft of your vehicle

C. Damage to or theft of any of your personal belongings

8. Signage and reasonable requests from market staff are to be followed

9. The sale of goods without permission from market staff inside the marketplace and carpark boundaries is not permitted

10. Anti social behaviour and illegal activity is not permitted

11. Market management reserves the right to refuse entry, evict and/or ban any persons at all times irrespective of that person being in possession of a valid receipt of purchase from us

Phohibited Items


  • Cold Drinks without a food safety supervisor certificate and public liability insurance
  • Hot Coffee without a food safety supervisor certificate and public liability insurance
  • Any ready-to-eat or hot food without a food safety supervisor certificate and public liability insurance
  • Potentially hazardous food (ie requires temperature control) without a food safety supervisor certificate and public liability insurance
  • Unpackaged food (ie not sold and served in the supplier’s original package) without a food safety supervisor certificate and public liability insurance
  • Pirated software, films and music
  • Replica clothing and accessories
  • Live animals (including but not limited to puppies, kittens and other pets)
  • Proscribed second hand items more than six times a year.
  • Proscribed second hand items are those that are at high risk of theft. Please visit the NSW Department of Fair Trading website for more information